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Dr. Harsh Sheth | Robotic Surgery Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Harsh Sheth, Saifee Hospital, India

Dr. Harsh Sheth 🩺 is a highly skilled Consultant in Advanced Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery 🏥. With extensive training from prestigious institutions like Saifee Hospital and Stanford University 🎓, he specializes in abdominal surgeries and medical device innovations. Dr. Sheth’s expertise spans from basic laparoscopic procedures to complex GI surgeries, including bariatric and oncological surgeries. His notable contributions include patents in surgical technology and impactful publications in medical journals 📚. Recognized for his outstanding achievements, Dr. Sheth has received numerous awards, including recognition as an exceptional teacher and researcher in the field of surgery 🏆.


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Dr. Harsh Sheth pursued a distinguished academic journey in the medical field 🩺, culminating in his expertise as a Consultant in Advanced Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery. He completed his Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Terna Medical College 🎓, followed by a Master of Surgery (M.S) in General Surgery from Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College & King Edward Memorial Hospital. Dr. Sheth further honed his skills through fellowships, including one in Minimal Access Surgery at Saifee Hospital and another in Advanced Minimal Access Surgery at the Digestive Health Institute. His pursuit of excellence led him to a prestigious Stanford-India Biodesign fellowship 🌟, enhancing his knowledge at Stanford University and All-India Institute of Medical Sciences.


Work Experience

Dr. Harsh Sheth’s illustrious career journey 🌟 showcases a remarkable blend of expertise and dedication in the field of surgery. His roles span from serving as a Junior Consultant at the Digestive Health Institute to a Senior Registrar at King Edward Memorial Hospital, where he independently performed various complex surgeries and supervised patient care in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Sheth’s contributions extend beyond clinical practice, as seen during his tenure as an External Advisor at McKinsey and Company, where he provided strategic insights into healthcare systems and surgical robotics. His holistic experience, from internship to fellowship, reflects his commitment to advancing surgical techniques and patient care.


Awards & Honors

Dr. Harsh Sheth’s accolades 🏅 highlight his outstanding contributions and achievements in the medical field. Notable honors include being recognized as an ‘Outstanding Teacher’ at Saifee Hospital and receiving the Best Paper Award at the APHS Conference for his GENESIS study. He has been featured on the homepage of Stanford University’s website for his remarkable innovation in Biodesign. Dr. Sheth’s excellence extends to winning awards for his academic endeavors, including the Best Thesis and Best Resident titles during his tenure at Seth G.S Medical College & King Edward Memorial Hospital. His multifaceted talent also shines through his successes in extracurricular activities during his schooling years.


Research Focus

Dr. Harsh Sheth’s research focus encompasses various aspects of surgical innovation and clinical exploration. His work delves into topics such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in obesity, as evidenced by the development of the HAALT Non-invasive Scoring System, aiming to enhance diagnostic approaches in this prevalent condition. Additionally, he explores intriguing cases in surgical pathology, such as infarcted accessory spleen mimicking a mesenteric cyst, showcasing his expertise in diagnosing and managing complex surgical scenarios. Through his diverse research endeavors, Dr. Sheth demonstrates a commitment to advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care in the realm of surgery. 🏥✨


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Harsh Sheth | Robotic Surgery Award | Best Researcher Award

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