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Dr. Afaf Zia | Implantology Award | Women Researcher Award

Dr. Afaf Zia, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Dr. Afaf Zia, BDS, MDS, is an accomplished dental professional based in Aligarh, India. With over 8 years of experience as an Assistant Professor at Dr. Z.A Dental College, AMU, she specializes in Periodontics and Community Dentistry. Dr. Zia’s expertise extends to research, with ongoing projects focusing on bone health in PCOS and Periodontitis. She has published extensively in international and national journals, presented at prestigious conferences worldwide, and actively contributes to academia as an editor and reviewer. Dr. Zia is dedicated to dental education, research, and community service, exemplifying excellence in dentistry. 🦷✨

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Education and Qualification 

Beginning her academic voyage with the All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) in March 1999, Dr. Afaf Zia excelled at the International Indian School, Jeddah (IISJ), KSA, securing an impressive 84.4%.Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, she completed her Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) in June 2001 from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), India, with distinction, attaining 81.5%Determined to specialize in dentistry, Dr. Zia enrolled at AMU, where she earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree in March 2007, achieving commendable academic success with 67.3%.Undeterred by challenges, she pursued higher education, obtaining a Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) degree from AMU in June 2012, showcasing her dedication and commitment with a respectable 66%.🎓 Dr. Afaf Zia’s educational journey reflects her steadfast pursuit of excellence, marked by consistent achievements and a passion for learning. 📚

Work Experience

Dr. Afaf Zia has been a dedicated Assistant Professor in the Department of Periodontics & Community Dentistry at Dr. Z.A Dental College, AMU, Aligarh. With unwavering commitment and expertise, she has contributed significantly to the academic and clinical spheres of dentistry for over 8 years and 6 months.🏥 Dr. Zia’s tenure as an Assistant Professor reflects her passion for nurturing the next generation of dental professionals while making impactful contributions to periodontics and community dentistry. Her steadfast dedication and leadership have enriched the academic environment, fostering excellence in dental education and research. 🦷

Research Focus

Dr. Afaf Zia’s research endeavors primarily revolve around periodontal diseases, their diagnosis, progression, and management, with a special emphasis on exploring oral biomarkers. Through her extensive studies, she aims to unravel the intricate mechanisms underlying conditions like necrotizing periodontitis and gingival recession, providing valuable insights for clinical practice. Additionally, her investigations delve into the interplay between systemic factors such as diabetes and poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) on periodontal health, shedding light on crucial aspects of oral and systemic health correlations. Dr. Zia’s research contributions significantly advance our understanding of periodontal diseases and pave the way for more effective diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. 🦷✨


Publication Top Notes 
  1. Oral biomarkers in the diagnosis and progression of periodontal diseases 🦷✨
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  2. Effect of passive ultrasonic irrigation and manual dynamic irrigation on smear layer removal from root canals in a closed apex in vitro model 🔍🌱
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  3. Mental nerve paresthesia secondary to initiation of endodontic therapy: a case report💡👄
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  4. Tissue engineering-the promise of regenerative dentistry🧬🦷
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  5. Necrotizing periodontitis in a heavy smoker and tobacco chewer–A case report 🚬🦷
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  6. Endodontic irrigant as a root conditioning agent: An in vitro scanning electron microscopic study evaluating the ability of MTAD to remove smear layer from periodontally  🧫🔬
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  7. Effect of inflammation on bones in diabetic patients with periodontitis via RANKL/OPG system-A review 🩺🦴
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  8. Case Report Management of Gingival Recession using Coronally Advanced Flap combined with Bracket Application: A Case Report 📝👩‍⚕️
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  9. Acute gingival bleeding as a complication of falciparum malaria: A case report🩸🦷
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  10. Bone markers and bone mineral density associates with periodontitis in females with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome 💃🦴
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Afaf Zia | Implantology Award | Women Researcher Award

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