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Dr. Kedir Hussein | Dentistry Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Kedir Hussein, Dubti General Hospital, Ethiopia

👨‍⚕️ Dr. Kedir Hussein is an Ethiopian Public Health Doctor and Medical Doctorate graduate from Wollo University. He holds a Master’s in Public Health with published research on nutritional status among elementary students. With seven years of clinical and field experience, he specializes in trachoma surgery training, survey facilitation, and consultancy. Dr. Hussein is adept in MS Office and statistical software. Passionate about humanitarian work, he’s known for his leadership, adaptability, and multicultural competency. Fluent in multiple languages, he’s committed to improving public health outcomes, particularly in nutrition programs. 🌍👁️‍🗨️


Publication Profile


Educational Background 


🎓 Dr. Kedir Hussein pursued a diverse educational journey, culminating in a rich tapestry of expertise. Graduating with a Medical Doctorate from Wollo University in 2023, he delved deeper into public health, earning a Master’s degree from the same institution in 2020. His research on the correlation between school feeding and nutritional status, conducted in the Afar region, was published and stands as a testament to his academic prowess. Prior to this, Dr. Hussein earned a Bachelor’s in Optometry from the University of Gondar and successfully completed his high school education at Dubti Secondary and Preparatory School, paving the way for his remarkable career in healthcare. 📚👨‍⚕️


Work Experience


Dr. Kedir Hussein has seamlessly navigated both clinical and field settings, enriching his professional journey. His multifaceted expertise encompasses roles as diverse as clinical practice, survey facilitation, and consultancy. From providing patient-centered care in hospitals to spearheading training initiatives and supervising public health programs, Dr. Hussein’s career reflects a deep commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. His dynamic blend of clinical acumen and field experience positions him as a versatile and invaluable asset in the healthcare landscape. 🏥🌍




🎓 Dr. Kedir Hussein’s dedication to continuous learning and skill development is evident through his extensive training and facilitation experience. He holds certificates in Master TOT and Grader TOT training, specifically tailored to the context of COVID-19. As a facilitator, he has conducted training sessions for Integrated Eye Care Workers (IECWs) across various districts in Afar and Oromia regions, empowering clinical nurses, public health officers, and midwives. Additionally, he has led WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) training initiatives for school committees and community leaders, emphasizing the importance of health and sanitation education. Dr. Hussein’s commitment to capacity building and community empowerment shines through his diverse training portfolio. 🌟📚


Research Focus

🔍 Dr. Kedir Hussein’s research focus primarily revolves around public health, with a particular emphasis on epidemiological studies and healthcare interventions. His contributions span across various domains, including determinants of overweight among Type Two Diabetes Mellitus patients, unmet need for family planning among reproductive-age women, and the impact of school feeding programs on the nutritional status of students. Through his work, Dr. Hussein aims to identify key factors influencing health outcomes and develop targeted strategies to address public health challenges. His research endeavors reflect a commitment to improving community well-being and fostering evidence-based healthcare interventions. 📊🏥

Kedir Hussein | Dentistry Award | Best Researcher Award

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