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Mr. Kubangala BrestKasongo | Plastic Conversion into Activated Carbon | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Kubangala BrestKasongo, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Kasongo Kubangala Brest, a skilled metallurgical engineer 🛠️ with a Master’s from the University of Johannesburg and a Bachelor’s from the University of Lubumbashi. Experienced in process development and optimization, he has contributed significantly to various mining projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa. His expertise spans from laboratory testing to plant commissioning, with a focus on sustainable practices. With a passion for research, he has published numerous articles in reputable journals 📚. Currently serving as Acting Senior Metallurgist at Tenke Fungurume Mining, he continues to make strides in the field of extraction metallurgy. 🌍


Publication Profile


Kasongo Kubangala Brest, born on September 21, 1994, in Kolwezi, DRC, is an accomplished metallurgical engineer with a Master’s degree in Extraction Metallurgy from the University of Johannesburg. Proficient in English, French, and Swahili, he holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Lubumbashi and a National Senior Certificate in Science from Institute du Lualaba. 🎓


With a rich career spanning various roles, including Acting Senior Metallurgist at Tenke Fungurume Mining and Project Engineer at Engskills Consulting, Kasongo has demonstrated expertise in process development, optimization, and project management in the mining sector. 💼

Research Focus

Kasongo Kubangala Brest’s research primarily focuses on the optimization of metallurgical processes, particularly in the extraction of copper and cobalt from sulfide ores. 📊 His work encompasses various methodologies, including statistical analysis, artificial neural networks, and response surface methodology, to enhance efficiency and sustainability in mineral processing. Through his investigations, he aims to improve flotation parameters, leaching techniques, and recovery processes, contributing significantly to the advancement of extractive metallurgy. Kasongo’s dedication to refining these processes underscores his commitment to driving innovation and sustainability within the mining industry. 🔬


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Kubangala BrestKasongo | Plastic Conversion into Activated Carbon | Best Researcher Award

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