Cristóbal Valverde | Energy Award | Young Scientist Award

Mr. Cristóbal Valverde | Energy Award | Young Scientist Award

Mr. Cristóbal Valverde, CIEMAT – Plataforma Solar de Almería, Spain

Cristóbal Valverde López, a dedicated industrial engineer, specializes in renewable energy and thermal storage systems. With a background in mechanical engineering, he’s conducted groundbreaking research in microwave-assisted heating, notably in molten salt for thermal storage. As a pre-doctoral researcher at CIEMAT, he focuses on optimizing energy transfer systems. Cristóbal’s expertise extends to technical projects and energy certifications, gained through collaborations with esteemed institutions like Tecnova and the University of Almería. His passion for innovation shines through his contributions to R&D projects and publications, showcasing his commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions. 🔬♻️


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Cristóbal Valverde López pursued his higher education at the Universidad de Almería, where he attained a degree in Industrial Engineering on December 18, 2019. Prior to this, he had already achieved a middle degree in Mechanical Engineering from the same institution on September 21, 2017. These academic accomplishments reflect his dedication to acquiring a solid foundation in engineering, preparing him for a career focused on innovative solutions and sustainable technologies. 🎓 With each degree, Cristóbal honed his skills and knowledge, paving the way for his impactful contributions to the field of renewable energy and thermal storage systems. 🌱


Technological experience

Cristóbal Valverde López played a pivotal role as a researcher in the R&D project “Diseño Sistemas Protección Caídas de Altura Invernaderos Tipo Almería,” conducted at the FUNDACION FINCA EXPERIMENTAL UNIVERSIDAD DE ALMERIA – ANECOOP. Collaborating with a team of five researchers, including principal investigators José Pérez Alonso and others, Cristóbal contributed his expertise to enhance safety measures in greenhouse structures against fall hazards. 🏗️ The project, funded by the Instituto Andaluz de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales, aimed to develop innovative protection systems. Cristóbal’s involvement underscores his commitment to leveraging technology for practical solutions in agricultural safety. 🌱

Research Focus

Cristóbal Valverde López’s research focus lies at the intersection of renewable energy and thermal storage systems, with a particular emphasis on modeling microwave heating of molten salt. 🌞 His work delves into the intricacies of utilizing microwave technology to enhance thermal storage efficiency, a crucial component in sustainable energy systems. By exploring innovative approaches to heat transfer and storage, Cristóbal contributes to advancements in renewable energy infrastructure, paving the way for more efficient and cost-effective solutions. His contributions, alongside collaborators Margarita Manuela Rodriguez-Garcia and Esther Rojas, demonstrate a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in the pursuit of a greener future. ♻️

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Ivo Cabral | Energy | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Ivo Cabral | Energy | Best Researcher Award

Student/Researcher, ADAI, Portugal

Ivo Gabriel Morais Cabral is a dynamic figure in the realm of engineering, specializing in mechanical engineering with a focus on energy and sustainability. Graduating with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Coimbra in 2022, he has garnered recognition through six prestigious awards and distinctions. His journey epitomizes a dedication to advancing engineering solutions for a more sustainable future.



Education 🎓

Ivo Gabriel Morais Cabral completed his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Energy and Environment at the University of Coimbra in 2022. His thesis, titled “Development of a heat dissipation system and automatic control for an experimental micro-cogeneration installation based on the Rankine organic cycle,” underscores his commitment to innovative energy solutions.

Experience 💼🔍

Currently serving as a Researcher at the Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics, Portugal, Cabral’s professional trajectory is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in engineering research. His work delves into the intricacies of aerodynamics and industrial applications, aligning with his passion for advancing energy technologies.

Research Interests 📊🔬

Cabral’s research interests revolve around the intersection of engineering, technology, and sustainability. His expertise encompasses topics such as PID and Fuzzy Logic controllers for residential cogeneration systems, as evidenced by his publication in Energy Conversion and Management: X in 2024.

Awards and Distinctions 🏅🌟

Throughout his academic journey, Cabral has been recognized for his outstanding achievements. Awards such as the 3% best students of UC and the Quadro de Mérito – UC underscore his academic prowess and dedication to excellence in engineering.


Ebrahim Meyad | Ecological Economy Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Ebrahim Meyad | Ecological Economy Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Ebrahim Meyad, Changan University, Yemen

Dr. Ebrahim Meyad 🎓 holds a Master’s degree in Regional Economics from Lanzhou University, China. Fluent in Arabic, English, and Chinese 🌍📚, with expertise in regional economic development, environmental economics, and financial analysis. With a background in auditing and financial affairs, he has contributed extensively to public health and environmental education programs in Yemen 🏥🌱. Passionate about research, he has authored papers exploring the nexus between oil prices and economic growth, environmental quality, and urbanization’s impact on ecological footprint. Diligent, adaptable, and dedicated, he excels in both independent and team environments, with a keen interest in sports, travel, and continuous learning.

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Education and Qualification 

Dr. Ebrahim Meyad embarked on an academic journey that spans continents and disciplines. Beginning with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Economics from Sana’a University 🎓, he honed his skills further with proficiency in English and Chinese language studies, achieving a Level 5 proficiency in Chinese 🌐. Subsequently, he pursued a Master’s degree in Regional Economics at Lanzhou University in China, enriching his understanding of economic dynamics and regional development 📚. Alongside, he obtained certification as an MCITB Enterprise Administrator, enhancing his administrative prowess 💼. With each qualification, Meyad’s commitment to learning and professional growth shines, illustrating his dedication to excellence in academia and beyond.


Work Experience

Dr. Ebrahim Meyad’s professional journey reflects a diverse spectrum of administrative roles, each contributing to his wealth of experience and expertise. From his tenure at Al Mguad Trading Services Company, where he immersed himself in auditing duties, to his impactful contributions at the Public Health Hospital and Ministry of Public Health and Population in Yemen 🏥💼, Meyad demonstrated a keen eye for financial matters and organizational efficiency. His role as Assistant in the Department of Procurement and Stores further showcased his adeptness in managing logistical aspects crucial to public service operations. Additionally, his commitment to environmental education through field visits underscores his holistic approach to community betterment 🌱📊.

Research Focus

Dr. Ebrahim Meyad’s research focus lies at the intersection of natural resource management and environmental sustainability 🌿🔬. With a keen interest in the impact of natural resources on environmental degradation, he has contributed significantly to understanding indicators such as ecological footprint and CO2 emissions. His work delves into the complexities of urbanization, human capital, and their relationship with ecological footprint, particularly in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries 🏙️🌍. Through meticulous analysis and interdisciplinary collaboration, Meyad seeks to shed light on the intricate dynamics shaping our environment and inform policy interventions for a more sustainable future 📊🌱.


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Tinatin Doolotkeldieva | Bioremediation of polluted soils | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Dr. Tinatin Doolotkeldieva | Bioremediation of polluted soils | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Dr. Tinatin Doolotkeldieva, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Kyrgyzstan

Prof. Dr. Tinatin Doolotkeldieva, a pioneering figure in microbiology and biotechnology, holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology. With expertise spanning microbial biodiversity, bioprospecting, and bioremediation, she’s renowned for her research in agricultural innovation and environmental sustainability. As a professor and dean at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, she’s shaped countless minds and led international collaborations, notably in Germany and the USA. Honored with prestigious awards including the “Honored Scientist of the Kyrgyz Republic” and the “SETAC Europe Noack Laboratorien Outstanding Science Career Award,” her work signifies a remarkable commitment to advancing science for a greener world. 🌱🏆


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Dr. Tinatin Doolotkeldieva’s academic journey began at Kyrgyz State University, where she earned her M.D. in Biology and Chemistry in 1974. Her passion for microbiology led her to pursue a Ph.D. at the Institute of Biology of the National Academy of Kyrgyz Republic in 1985. Building on her expertise, she embarked on postdoctoral research in Kazakhstan and Russia, specializing in microbiology and biotechnology. In 1999, she joined the Agricultural Department at Kyrgyz Agrarian University as a professor, focusing on microbiology and biotechnology. Throughout her career, she’s been dedicated to advancing these fields, earning recognition for her impactful contributions. 🎓🔬


Professional Experience

Dr. Tinatin Doolotkeldieva’s professional journey showcases a commitment to academia and leadership in microbiology and biotechnology. Beginning as a scientist at the Institute of Biology of the National Academy of Science of KR, she ascended to senior roles before transitioning to academia. She served as an associate professor and later professor at Kyrgyz Agrarian University, where she also led the Biotechnology Department. Joining Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, she continued to excel, becoming head of various departments, including Plant Protection. Her enduring dedication culminated in her current role as a respected professor at the university, where she continues to inspire and educate future generations. 🌱👩‍🔬


Honors and Awards

Dr. Tinatin Doolotkeldieva’s illustrious career is adorned with prestigious honors and awards, celebrating her groundbreaking contributions to science and education. Recognized as a trailblazing woman-inventor, she received multiple accolades from the State Patent Office of the Kyrgyz Republic for her pioneering work in biotechnology. Her dedication to teaching earned her the Excellence in Public Education award in 2005. Notably, her innovative creation, the “Rostin” biofertilizer, garnered international acclaim with a Gold Medal from the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2014. She was honored as an esteemed scientist of the Kyrgyz Republic and later received the SETAC Europe Noack Laboratorien Outstanding Science Career Award for her impactful global environmental research. 🏅🌱


Research Focus

Dr. Tinatin Doolotkeldieva’s research focus encompasses diverse areas within microbiology and biotechnology, with a significant emphasis on environmental remediation, plant protection, and microbial biodiversity. Her studies delve into the microbial communities in pesticide-contaminated soils, bioremediation possibilities, and the microbiological control of various pathogens affecting agriculture. Additionally, she explores the biological control of mycotoxins in cereal products, the synthesis and efficacy of nanocomposites against plant pathogens, and the genetic characterization of bacteria in agricultural ecosystems. Through her multidisciplinary approach, Dr. Doolotkeldieva contributes to sustainable agricultural practices and environmental conservation, making strides in protecting crops and ecosystems worldwide. 🌱🔬


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Lucas Ernesto Peisino | Recycled Building Materials Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Lucas Ernesto Peisino | Recycled Building Materials Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Lucas Ernesto Peisino, CEVE-CONICET, Argentina

Dr. Lucas Ernesto Peisino is a distinguished scientist with a Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. His research focuses on electron transfer reactions and their applications in synthesizing heterocyclic compounds. Awarded prestigious scholarships, he has contributed significantly to environmental science, particularly in understanding and mitigating the impact of pollutants like PAHs. Dr. Peisino is currently an Associate Researcher at CEVE-AVE, where he explores sustainable materials for housing construction. With a rich background in both research and teaching, he has made impactful contributions to academia and scientific advancement. 🧪📚


Publication Profile

Education and Research Background 🎓

Dr. Lucas Ernesto Peisino earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences from the National University of Córdoba, specializing in organic chemistry. His thesis, supervised by Prof. Dra. Adriana B. Pierini, focused on synthesizing Aza-heterocycles via electron transfer reactions, with applications in gold nanoparticle ligands. With a stellar academic record, he also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the same university, showcasing his dedication and expertise in the field.

Teaching Experience 👨‍🏫

Throughout his academic journey, Dr. Peisino has also been deeply involved in teaching at the National University of Córdoba. Starting as a student assistant, he progressed to roles as Assistant Professor and later as an interim Professor, imparting knowledge and inspiring future scientists in the field of organic chemistry. His commitment to both research and education underscores his holistic approach to academic excellence.


Research Focus

Dr. Lucas Ernesto Peisino’s research primarily revolves around developing innovative and sustainable construction materials. His work encompasses a diverse range of projects, including the assessment of mechanical and physical characteristics of PET bricks with different aggregates, stabilization of hazardous compounds from electronic waste for building materials, and the synthesis of recycled plastic aggregates for construction applications. Through his contributions to journals like “Journal of Environmental Management” and “Construction and Building Materials,” Dr. Peisino demonstrates a commitment to addressing environmental challenges while advancing the field of construction with sustainable solutions. His research aligns with the global push towards eco-friendly infrastructure development.


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Daniel Ayejoto | Environmental Science Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Daniel Ayejoto | Environmental Science Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Daniel Ayejoto, Texas Christian University, United States

Daniel Ayejoto is a dedicated environmental scientist pursuing his MSc in Environmental Science at Texas Christian University, USA. With a BSc in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, he specializes in assessing water quality and health risks associated with contaminants. Daniel’s research, spanning Nigeria and China, focuses on groundwater quality, hydrogeochemistry, and environmental remediation. As a Graduate Research Assistant, he contributes to the Hydrogeochemistry Laboratory’s efforts. Daniel’s advocacy work with the New Being Foundation reflects his commitment to community health and sustainable water management. 🌍🔬


Publication Profile

📚 Education

Daniel Ayejoto’s academic journey began with a BSc in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, where he graduated with Second Class Upper honors, ranking in the top 3%. Currently pursuing an MSc in Environmental Science at Texas Christian University, USA, Daniel’s educational background forms the bedrock of his passion for environmental research.

🔬 Research Experience

As a Graduate Research Assistant, Daniel has delved into diverse environmental projects, from assessing soil and groundwater samples to investigating water quality variations in wetland parks. His expertise spans hydrogeochemistry, machine learning methods, and biogeochemical soil measurements.

🏆 Awards and Recognitions

Daniel’s contributions to environmental science have earned him prestigious awards, including the Chinese Government Scholarship and recognition as the Best Researcher. His dedication to advancing knowledge in his field is evident in his funded research projects and publication record.


Daniel’s pursuit of knowledge extends beyond academia, with certifications in Silk Road Engineering Science and Green Technology workshops, enhancing his expertise in sustainable practices and innovative solutions.

Research Focus

Daniel Ayejoto’s research primarily focuses on water quality assessment and health risk analysis in various settings, including rural agricultural provinces, urban areas, and wetland parks. 🌊 His work spans multiple criteria approaches, chemometric methods, and integration of geospatial and statistical tools to evaluate contamination levels and associated health risks. Additionally, he explores the impact of seasonal changes on water resources and investigates connections between climate change, pollution, and human health. Daniel’s research aims to provide comprehensive insights into environmental challenges, guiding effective mitigation strategies for sustainable water management. 💧


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Kubangala BrestKasongo | Plastic Conversion into Activated Carbon | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Kubangala BrestKasongo | Plastic Conversion into Activated Carbon | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Kubangala BrestKasongo, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Kasongo Kubangala Brest, a skilled metallurgical engineer 🛠️ with a Master’s from the University of Johannesburg and a Bachelor’s from the University of Lubumbashi. Experienced in process development and optimization, he has contributed significantly to various mining projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa. His expertise spans from laboratory testing to plant commissioning, with a focus on sustainable practices. With a passion for research, he has published numerous articles in reputable journals 📚. Currently serving as Acting Senior Metallurgist at Tenke Fungurume Mining, he continues to make strides in the field of extraction metallurgy. 🌍


Publication Profile


Kasongo Kubangala Brest, born on September 21, 1994, in Kolwezi, DRC, is an accomplished metallurgical engineer with a Master’s degree in Extraction Metallurgy from the University of Johannesburg. Proficient in English, French, and Swahili, he holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Lubumbashi and a National Senior Certificate in Science from Institute du Lualaba. 🎓


With a rich career spanning various roles, including Acting Senior Metallurgist at Tenke Fungurume Mining and Project Engineer at Engskills Consulting, Kasongo has demonstrated expertise in process development, optimization, and project management in the mining sector. 💼

Research Focus

Kasongo Kubangala Brest’s research primarily focuses on the optimization of metallurgical processes, particularly in the extraction of copper and cobalt from sulfide ores. 📊 His work encompasses various methodologies, including statistical analysis, artificial neural networks, and response surface methodology, to enhance efficiency and sustainability in mineral processing. Through his investigations, he aims to improve flotation parameters, leaching techniques, and recovery processes, contributing significantly to the advancement of extractive metallurgy. Kasongo’s dedication to refining these processes underscores his commitment to driving innovation and sustainability within the mining industry. 🔬


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Mr . Bitu Shreevastav | Environmental Science

Mr . Bitu Shreevastav : Leading Researcher in Environmental Science

Mr . Bitu Shreevastav ,Tribhuwan University, Kritipur, Nepal

Mr. Bitu Shreevastav is a distinguished researcher in Environmental Science associated with Tribhuwan University in Kritipur, Nepal. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in “Forestry and Natural Resource Management” from the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM), India, awarded the SAARC Scholarship Competition in 2000. Mr. Shreevastav’s academic journey also includes a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in “General Forestry” from Tribhuwan University, Institute of Forestry, Nepal, in 1996.

With a wealth of professional expertise, Mr. Shreevastav demonstrates exceptional knowledge and proficiency in Policy & Strategic Development, program/project management, research, quality assurance, and partnership management. His skill set extends to resource planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of diverse aspects within his field.

Profile :

Scopus Profile 

Education :

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in “Forestry and Natural Resource Management”, Indian Institute of Forest ,Management (IIFM), India (2000). SAARC Scholarship Competition Awardee.,▪ Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in “General Forestry”, Tribhuwan University, Institute of Forestry, Nepal (1996).


🌐 Professional Expertise:, Demonstrating outstanding knowledge and proficiency in Policy & Strategic Development, programme /project management, research, quality assurance, and partnership management. Adept in resource planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation.,,🌍 Sectoral Mastery:, Sound knowledge spanning Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Food Security, Livelihood, Emergency Education, Health, and GRID (Green, Resilient & Inclusive Development) technologies and practices.,,🚀 Exemplary Experiences: ,Admirable experiences in strategic planning, coordination, sustainable.


🔍 Field Research & Publications:,Conducted impactful field research on Disaster Risk Management, Climate Action, Livelihood, Food Security, Governance, and Emergency/Crisis Management. Published in International, Scientific, Peer-Reviewed Open, Q1, Scimago-listed Journals.,,💼 Program Management Expertise:,Managed programs with budgets up to US $10 million and led a team of 57 staff (local, national, regional). Successfully handled 18 programs/projects and partner organizations, ensuring over 85% of response funds reached affected communities.,,🌍 Crisis Response Leadership:,Led, coordinated, and managed clusters and consortia for rapid scale-up and multi-sectoral preparedness, response, recovery, and rehabilitation. Spearheaded efforts in major disasters like the Nepal earthquakes 2015, Nepal Koshi flood 2008, and Pakistan emergency flood 2010 response.,,📊 Digitalization & Data Management:,Led the design and implementation of digitalized surveys and data collection, advocacy strategies, program planning, monitoring, evaluation, and learning frameworks. Ensured effective emergency preparedness, response, and recovery programs for floods and earthquakes in Nepal.,,🤝 Humanitarian Support:,Coordinated and led support to Internally Displaced People (IDPs), Refugees (Bhutanese), and disaster & crisis-affected populations. Focused on social cohesion, gender, protection, food security, DRR, Shelter, WASH, and Nutrition programs, with environmental mainstreaming.,,🌐 Cluster Approach & Capacity Building:,Strengthened and managed the cluster approach, capacity building, disaster preparedness & response planning, and its effective implementation at local, national & international levels. Proven expertise demonstrated in Nepal Koshi Flood 2008, Pakistan Flood response & recovery 2010, Nepal Earthquake response & recovery 2015.,,📚 Research & Case Studies:,Undertook research and case studies on governance systems and program impacts on livelihoods, food security, DRR, and climate resilience. Established and strengthened coordination and linkages with donors, partners, and working agencies for long-term program sustainability.,,🌐 COVID-19 Response:,Coordinated and supported Strategic Preparedness & Response, along with Socio-economic Recovery to COVID-19. Demonstrated adaptability and resilience in addressing the challenges posed by the pandemic.,,🌟 Impactful Leadership & Innovation:,Displayed impactful leadership in advocacy, innovations, coordination, skill development, and environmental mainstreaming. Ensured a comprehensive approach to disaster and crisis management for lasting positive outcomes.

Publications  Top Note   :

“Flood risk modeling in southern Bagmati corridor, Nepal” (a study from Sarlahi and Rautahat, Nepal)

Progress in Disaster Science, 2022, 16, 100260  ,  Citations – 3