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Mr. Lencho Kajela Solbana | Lecturer Award | Young Scientist Award

Mr. Lencho Kajela Solbana, Assosa University, Ethiopia

Lencho Kajela Solbana 🩺 is an accomplished Ethiopian epidemiologist with a passion for public health. Holding an MPH in Epidemiology from Jimma University, he’s contributed significantly to research, notably in hypertension, cervical lesions, diabetic nephropathy, preterm mortality, and breast cancer in Ethiopia. As a lecturer at Assosa University, he imparts knowledge and serves as a role model, leveraging his leadership skills from prior roles. Beyond academia, he’s actively involved in community service, particularly in COVID-19 case tracing and management. With expertise in data analysis software and a commitment to continuous professional development, Lencho epitomizes dedication to improving healthcare 🌍.


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Lencho Kajela Solbana’s academic journey reflects a commitment to healthcare excellence 🎓. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Jimma University in 2018, achieving a remarkable CGPA of 3.91. Building upon this foundation, he pursued a Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Epidemiology from the same esteemed institution, graduating in 2022 with an equally impressive CGPA of 3.91. This dual expertise in nursing and epidemiology equips him with a holistic understanding of healthcare dynamics, enabling him to make impactful contributions to both clinical practice and public health initiatives 🏥.



Lencho Kajela Solbana’s professional journey showcases a dedication to academia and nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals 🎓. He commenced his tenure at Assosa University as an Assistant Lecturer in 2019, where he imparted knowledge and honed his teaching skills. His commitment and expertise led to his promotion to the role of Lecturer in September 2022, further solidifying his impact in academia. Through his roles, Lencho not only shares his wealth of knowledge but also inspires students to excel in their studies and embrace the values of compassionate healthcare delivery 📚.


Research Focus

Lencho Kajela Solbana’s research spans across various critical areas in public health, demonstrating a multifaceted expertise and a profound commitment to addressing healthcare challenges in Ethiopia 🌍. His focus encompasses epidemiological investigations into conditions such as undiagnosed hypertension, diabetic nephropathy, precancerous cervical lesions, breast cancer determinants, and preterm mortality predictors. Through systematic reviews, meta-analyses, case-control studies, and cross-sectional analyses, Lencho contributes valuable insights into understanding disease determinants, risk factors, and outcomes, thereby informing evidence-based interventions and policies aimed at improving population health and well-being. His comprehensive research portfolio underscores his dedication to advancing healthcare knowledge and promoting better health outcomes for communities in Ethiopia and beyond 📊.


Lencho Kajela Solbana | Lecturer Award | Young Scientist Award

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