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Prof. Mirosław Szukiewicz | Catalysis Award | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Mirosław Szukiewicz, Technical University of Rzeszów, Poland

👨‍🔬 Prof. Mirosław Szukiewicz is a distinguished chemical engineer, holding a PhD and DSc. Since 2009, he has served as a professor at Rzeszow University of Technology, specializing in chemical reaction engineering and hydrogen technologies. With over 40 peer-reviewed articles and numerous books, including “Program Maple w obliczeniach inżynierskich i naukowych,” his expertise spans theoretical and experimental research. Notably, he leads groundbreaking projects like hydrogenation of carbon dioxide

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👨‍🎓 Education:

Mirosław Szukiewicz graduated from Rzeszow University of Technology in 1985 with a degree in chemical engineering. He furthered his academic journey with a PhD from Cracow University of Technology in 1995, specializing in chemical technology. Later, he attained a DSc (Habilitation) from Łódź University of Technology.

🔬 Professional Background:

Szukiewicz has served as a professor at Rzeszow University of Technology, where his research focuses on chemical reaction engineering, hydrogen technologies, and mathematical modeling. He excels in both theoretical and experimental realms, contributing significantly to various real-world chemical technologies.

Research Focus:

🔬 Prof. Mirosław Szukiewicz, with a research focus on chemical reaction engineering, excels in modeling real-life industrial reactors. His expertise extends to hydrogen technologies, making him well-suited for projects like the hydrogenation of benzene. Through theoretical and experimental approaches, Szukiewicz delves into intricate processes, aiming to optimize efficiency and enhance outcomes in industrial settings. With a background in mathematical modeling and programming, he tackles challenges inherent in reactor design, contributing to advancements in chemical engineering. Szukiewicz’s dedication to understanding and refining processes underscores his pivotal role in shaping innovations within the field.

Mirosław Szukiewicz | Catalysis Award | Best Researcher Award

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