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Mr. Muhammad Khamisu | Environmental Accounting Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Muhammad Khamisu, Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Symbiosis International University, India

Muhammad Sani Khamisu, an adept researcher pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Sustainability at Symbiosis International University. With a solid background in Accounting and Finance, Khamisu focuses on ESG disclosures and initiatives, presenting his findings at esteemed conferences worldwide. Recognized for his contributions, he has received awards for his papers on sustainability. 🌱 His expertise spans research methodologies, with proficiency in statistical analysis tools like SPSS and R Studio. Beyond academia, he enjoys traveling, watching movies, and playing football. Khamisu is driven by a passion for exploring innovative solutions to environmental challenges. 🏆

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🎓 Education

Khamisu holds a Ph.D. candidacy in Environmental Sustainability from Symbiosis International University, complemented by a First-class MCom in Accounting & Finance from Sandip University and a BSc in Accounting from Ahmadu Bello University.

💼 Experience

Currently serving as a Junior Research Fellow at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Khamisu specializes in Environmental Sustainability Initiatives and Disclosures.

🏆 Achievements

His accolades include awards for excellence in academics and research, emphasizing his commitment and proficiency in his field.

Research Focus:

Muhammad Sani Khamisu’s research focus primarily revolves around Environmental Social Governance (ESG) disclosures, particularly within environmentally sensitive industries and emerging economies. 🌍 His work delves into the motives behind ESG disclosures and their implications for sustainable business practices. Khamisu’s contributions aim to shed light on the intersection of environmental concerns, social responsibility, and corporate governance, offering valuable insights for both academia and industry. Through his collaborative efforts with esteemed colleagues, he explores diverse perspectives on ESG issues, enriching scholarly discourse and fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable development goals. 📊

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Muhammad Khamisu | Environmental Accounting Award | Best Researcher Award

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