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Dr. Nancy Gerber | Art Psychotherapy Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Nancy Gerber, Florida State University/Drexel University, United States

Dr. Nancy Gerber 🎨 is a trailblazing figure in art therapy education and practice. With a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies and an M.S. in Art Therapy, she’s held key roles at Drexel University and Florida State University, shaping doctoral programs and conducting groundbreaking research. As an Associate Clinical Professor Emerita, Gerber founded Drexel’s Ph.D. Program in Creative Arts Therapies. Her honors include the American Art Therapy Association Distinguished Educator Award and numerous international travel grants. Gerber’s impactful work extends to funded research, focusing on strategic planning and adolescent mental health. Her legacy enriches the field, advancing understanding of art therapy’s profound healing potential.


Publication Profile

🎓 Education

Dr. Nancy Gerber’s academic journey is marked by a commitment to art therapy and interdisciplinary studies. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy from The Union Institute & University in 2004, focusing on the essential components of doctoral education for art therapists. Prior, she obtained a Master of Science in Art Therapy from Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital in 1977, where her research delved into the effects of cerebral glucose utilization disorders on body image. Gerber’s educational foundation includes a Certificate in Art Therapy from the same institution and a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Pennsylvania State University in 1968.

🏆 Certification and Honors

Dr. Gerber’s professional credentials include licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania, coupled with registrations as a Registered Art Therapist and Board Certified Art Therapist. Her dedication to the field has been recognized through numerous awards, including the prestigious American Art Therapy Association Distinguished Educator Award in 2011.

Research Focus

Dr. Nancy Gerber’s research spans diverse areas within art therapy, showcasing her multifaceted expertise. Her primary focus revolves around advancing the field through innovative methodologies and strategic planning. Gerber’s contributions include pioneering community participatory approaches to art therapy research, as evidenced by her work on creating an art therapy research strategic plan. Additionally, she explores the intersection of art therapy with various disciplines, such as dance/movement therapy for schizophrenia and self-book art therapy for cancer-related distress. Through her scholarship, Gerber continuously strives to enhance understanding and practice in art therapy, fostering healing and empowerment in diverse populations. 🎨

Nancy Gerber | Art Psychotherapy Award | Best Researcher Award

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