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Dr. Rocio Yñiguez | University Economic Education Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Rocio Yñiguez, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Dr. Rocío Yñiguez-Ovando, an Associate Professor at the University of Seville, is a leading figure in environmental economics and teaching innovation. 🌱 With a Ph.D. in Economics, she has contributed extensively to understanding sustainability, circular economy, and energy economics. 📈 As Vice-Dean of Research, she advocated for academic advancement, organizing conferences, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. Dr. Yñiguez-Ovando’s dedication to research is evident in her numerous impactful publications, collaborative projects, and active participation in conferences. She is passionate about promoting economic, social, and environmental sustainability, evident in her involvement in various initiatives and knowledge transfer agreements. 🌍


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Dr. Rocío Yñiguez-Ovando’s academic journey reflects her commitment to interdisciplinary expertise. 📚 She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Sevilla in 1989, laying the foundation for her understanding of economic principles. Building upon this, she pursued a Doctorate in Economics from the same institution, completing her Ph.D. in 2001. 🎓 Additionally, recognizing the importance of legal frameworks in her field, she expanded her knowledge by earning a Bachelor of Science in Law from UNED in 2002. 📜 This diverse educational background equips her with a comprehensive understanding of both economic theory and legal intricacies, enabling her to address complex issues from multiple perspectives.



Dr. Rocío Yñiguez-Ovando has been an integral part of the academic community at the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain, 🎓 holding the position of Profesor Titular Universidad in Economic Analysis and Political Economy. 🌟 With nearly three decades of dedication to teaching and research, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape and advancing knowledge in her field. 📚 Her enduring commitment to academia is reflected in her ongoing contributions to both undergraduate and postgraduate education, as well as her active engagement in research projects and scholarly endeavors. 🌱 Dr. Yñiguez-Ovando continues to inspire students and colleagues alike with her expertise and passion for learning.

Research Focus

Dr. Rocío Yñiguez-Ovando’s research focus spans across various critical areas, with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability, renewable energy, and the intersection of economics and social dynamics. 🌱 Her work delves into topics such as tax incentives for promoting green electricity, global changes in residential energy consumption, and the promotion of renewable energy sources. Through her publications, she contributes valuable insights into policy-making, energy efficiency, and the circular economy. 📊 Dr. Yñiguez-Ovando’s dedication to addressing pressing environmental and socioeconomic challenges underscores her commitment to creating a more sustainable future. 🌍

Publication Top Notes 

Tax Incentives to Promote Green Electricity: an Overview of Eu-27 Countries. 38 (10), 6000-6008

Global changes in residential energy consumption

Promoting Renewable Energy Sources for Heating and Cooling in Eu-27 Countries.

Measuring the effect of ARS on academic performance: A global meta-analysis

To take or not to take the laptop or tablet to classes, that is the question.

Environmental and socioeconomic impacts of urban waste recycling as part of circular economy. The case of cuenca (Ecuador)

Promotion of biofuel consumption in the transport sector: An EU-27 perspective

How to intensify the individual’s feelings of belonging to a social networking site? Contributions from community drivers and post‐adoption behaviours

An analysis of Spain’s global and environmental efficiency from a European Union perspective

Does pressing a button make it easier to pass an exam? Evaluating the effectiveness of interactive technologies in higher education


Rocio Yñiguez | University Economic Education Award | Best Researcher Award

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