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Dr. Stanley Sharaunga | Agricultural Econmics Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Stanley Sharaunga, Naye Business Consultants, South Africa

🌱 Dr. Stanley Sharaunga, a dynamic leader in agricultural economics, holds a PhD and MSc from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. With expertise in gender equity and rural development, he champions empowering women through water security and agricultural training. His roles span academia, where he lectured and supervised students, to managerial positions at uMhlosinga Development Agency, driving local economic development strategies. Notably, his impactful research and project management have garnered numerous awards, including recognition from the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa. Dr. Sharaunga’s commitment to sustainable livelihoods and community empowerment marks him as a beacon in agricultural economics and development. 🌾🏆


Publication Profile


🎓 Education

Dr. Stanley Sharaunga embarked on a remarkable academic journey, culminating in a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Prior to this, he earned an MSc in Agribusiness and a BSc in Agribusiness, both from the same institution. His foundational education began with a BSc Honours in Physiotherapy from the University of Zimbabwe.

👨‍💼 Professional Experience

Dr. Sharaunga has held pivotal roles, notably as Manager of Local Economic Development at uMhlosinga Development Agency. He has also served as a District Agribusiness Development Officer and a Post-Doctoral Fellow, contributing significantly to research and community development.

Research Focus

🔍 Dr. Stanley Sharaunga’s research focuses on empowering rural women in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, through various livelihood strategies. His work delves into understanding the determinants of women’s empowerment, factors influencing water-use security among smallholder farmers, and the impact of women’s skills development on poverty reduction. Through detailed analysis, he explores dimensions of empowerment, forest value orientations, and the nexus between women’s empowerment in agriculture and household food security. Dr. Sharaunga’s research not only sheds light on critical socio-economic issues but also provides valuable insights for policymakers and practitioners aiming to alleviate poverty and promote gender equity in rural communities. 🌾

Publication Top Notes 

  1. “Analysis of Livelihood Strategies for Reducing Poverty Among Rural Women’s Households: A Case Study of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa” (2021) – cited by 8 📊
  2. “The Effectiveness of Women’s Skills Development to Household Poverty Reduction: The Case of Msinga Rural Areas” (2019) – cited by 2 💼
  3. “Conceptualisation and Measurement of Women’s Empowerment Revisited” (2019) – cited by 27 🔍
  4. “Determinants of farmers’ participation in collective maintenance of irrigation infrastructure in KwaZulu-Natal” (2018) – cited by 19 🌱
  5. “The impact of improved ‘water-use security’ on women’s reliance on agricultural incomes in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa” (2016) – cited by 0 🚰
  6. “Factors influencing water-use security among smallholder irrigating farmers in Msinga, KwaZulu-Natal Province” (2016) – cited by 11 💧
  7. “Dimensions of Empowerment Influencing Women in KwaZulu-Natal to diversify away from agricultural-based livelihoods” (2016) – cited by 10 🌾
  8. “Factors influencing forest value orientations among rural households in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa” (2015) – cited by 4 🌳
  9. “The impact of ‘women’s empowerment in agriculture’ on household vulnerability to food insecurity in the KwaZulu-Natal province” (2015) – cited by 34 🥚
  10. “The impact of feed costs on the production of eggs in South Africa in period 1970-2007: An analysis using a demand-supply simultaneous equation model” (2014)
Stanley Sharaunga | Agricultural Econmics Award | Best Researcher Award

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