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Dr. Stefano Fabbri | Paleoseismology Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Stefano Fabbri, Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland

Dr. Stefano Fabbri is a seasoned geoscientist with expertise in seismic and bathymetric data analysis, specializing in paleoseismology and climate change research. Currently serving as a Senior Research Assistant at the University of Bern, he lectures on geophysics and supervises graduate-level theses. With a background spanning from postdoctoral positions in France and Canada to extensive academic engagements, he’s contributed significantly to international research campaigns. Outside academia, he’s actively involved in organizing triathlons and serving on finance committees, showcasing his commitment to both research and community engagement. 🌍🔍


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Dr. Stefano Fabbri’s academic journey reflects a relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill diversification. From obtaining a BSc in Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich, he ventured into the world of applied geophysics through a Joint MSc program at ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen University, and TU Delft. His doctoral studies at the University of Bern focused on Quaternary and Paleoclimatology, demonstrating his dedication to understanding Earth’s history. Engaging in continuous learning, he pursued Project Management for Research and currently balances his research commitments with part-time Executive MBA studies at the University of Bern. This blend of academic rigor and business acumen underscores his versatile approach to education and career development. 📚🌐


Dr. Stefano Fabbri’s journey in geoscience spans across continents, from delving into sedimentological archives in Canada and seismic data in France to leading pivotal research in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Currently a Senior Research Assistant at the University of Bern, his expertise extends from lecturing on geophysics to supervising graduate theses. His dedication is evident in establishing a laboratory for microplastics study and developing algorithms for lineament interpretation. With a rich background including stints at ETH Zurich and internships abroad, he embodies a commitment to scientific exploration and education, illustrated by his multifaceted roles in academia and industry. 🌍🔬

Research Focus

Dr. Stefano Fabbri’s research primarily focuses on deciphering geological phenomena through sedimentary records in various lakes worldwide. His investigations delve into seismic activity, earthquake-related mass wasting, and tsunamigenic events, offering insights into Earth’s dynamic processes over millennia. By combining sedimentological, geophysical, and geochemical analyses, he unveils the intricate interactions between tectonic activity, climate change, and geomorphological evolution. Through his multidisciplinary approach, Dr. Fabbri contributes to understanding natural hazards, paleoenvironmental reconstructions, and the long-term impacts of geological events, symbolized by 🌋.



Stefano Fabbri | Paleoseismology Award | Best Researcher Award

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