Alicia Prithiraj | Material-life Science Award | Women Researcher Award

Mrs. Alicia Prithiraj | Material-life Science Award | Women Researcher Award

Mrs. Alicia Prithiraj, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Alicia Prithiraj is a seasoned Senior Reliability Engineer and PhD candidate with expertise in chemical engineering, particularly in reliability engineering, data analysis, and risk management. 🛠️ With a background in materials science and environmental engineering, she has made significant contributions to industry, notably in combating biofilm-related corrosion. Alicia’s dedication to solving complex industry challenges is evident in her extensive research, academic publications, and presentations at global conferences. 🌐 Her dynamic approach, coupled with hands-on experience at Sasol Chemicals, reflects her commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in plant operations. 🌱🔬


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Alicia Prithiraj’s educational journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise in chemical engineering. 📚 Starting from her secondary education at Hoerskool Secunda, where she excelled academically while actively participating in extramural activities like tennis and science expos. She further honed her skills at Vaal University of Technology, completing a Chemical Engineering Diploma with in-service training. 🎓 Subsequently, she earned a Bachelor’s in Technology and a Master’s degree, graduating with distinction, focusing on materials science, water systems, and microbial corrosion. Currently, she is on the cusp of completing her PhD at the University of Pretoria, specializing in industrial water systems and biofilm-related corrosion. 🌱🔬


Professional Experience

Alicia Prithiraj served as a dedicated Reliability Engineer, demonstrating exceptional proficiency and leadership. 🏭 Her responsibilities encompassed a wide array of critical tasks, including the use of monitoring tools to devise effective strategies, managing spares studies, and preparing comprehensive monthly reports on reliability engineering. 📊 Alicia’s expertise extended to asset management, risk-based inspections, and root cause failure analysis, contributing significantly to enhancing plant reliability and operational efficiency. 💼 Additionally, her involvement in chemical engineering tasks, project management, and her groundbreaking PhD work showcases her multifaceted capabilities and commitment to excellence. 🌟

Research Focus

Alicia Prithiraj’s research focus primarily revolves around the intricate interplay between microbiology and materials science in industrial settings, particularly in the context of heat exchangers. 🔬 Her studies delve into multispecies colonization and surface erosion on industry-finished steel, such as A106 GB steel, shedding light on the corrosion mechanisms and metabolic effects of bacterial consortia commonly found in petrochemical processing plants. 🌱 Through her investigations, she aims to develop kinetic growth models, understand corrosion behaviors of various steel types, and propose mitigation strategies to combat biofouling and corrosion, ultimately contributing to the advancement of materials engineering in challenging environments. 🛠️



Crevain Souop Tala Foadin | Electronic Structure | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Crevain Souop Tala Foadin | Electronic Structure | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Crevain Souop Tala Foadin, Université de Maroua, Cameroon

Dr. Crevain Souop Tala Foadin is an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Maroua, Cameroon, specializing in Materials Science and Molecular Physics 🎓. Holding a Ph.D. in Physics, his research focuses on carbon allotropes, molecular properties enhancement, and natural pigment-based photosensitizers 🧪. With expertise in density functional theory computations and molecular dynamics, he explores areas like waste water purification and light harvesting efficiency. As an educator, he imparts knowledge in General Physics and Physical Chemistry of Materials while overseeing laboratory training 📚. Dr. Foadin’s dedication lies in advancing understanding and applications of materials for societal benefit.

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Dr. Crevain Souop Tala Foadin’s academic journey reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for advancing scientific knowledge 🎓. His educational achievements include a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Maroua, where he conducted groundbreaking research on the effects of impurities on the structural, electronic, and nonlinear optical properties of graphene oxide molecules using density functional theory (DFT) methods. This research earned him the highest distinction of “Très Honorable.” Prior to his doctoral studies, Dr. Foadin earned a Master’s degree with honors in Physics, specializing in Materials Science, and completed a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture. He also holds Bachelor’s and Diplôme d’Etudes Universitaires Générales degrees in Physics, laying the foundation for his expertise in materials science and mechanics. Dr. Foadin’s academic journey began with his Baccalauréat in Mathématiques et Science de la Vie et de la Terre, showcasing his early interest in science and mathematics. Throughout his academic career, Dr. Foadin has demonstrated a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry.


Professional Experience :

Dr. Crevain Souop Tala Foadin has been actively engaged in academia, serving as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Maroua since January 2022 🏫. In this role, he imparts knowledge in various subjects including General Physics, Professional Project, Imperfections in Solids, and Physical Chemistry of Materials through lectures and tutorials. Additionally, he oversees and conducts monitoring activities for physics practical courses and laboratory training sessions, ensuring that students gain hands-on experience and practical skills essential for their academic and professional development. Dr. Foadin’s dedication extends beyond teaching, as he also actively participates in research endeavors aimed at improving the molecular properties of organic materials, enhancing the reaction properties of anti-carcinogenic drugs, and modeling new natural pigment-based photosensitizers, thereby contributing to advancements in materials science and molecular physics 🧪.


Research Focus :

Dr. Crevain Souop Tala Foadin’s research focus lies at the intersection of materials science and molecular physics 🧪. His work encompasses a wide range of investigations, including the enhancement of reactivity, electronic structure, and optical properties of various carbon allotropes and nanostructures. Through density functional theory (DFT) computations and molecular dynamics simulations, he explores the effects of impurities on structural and electronic properties, paving the way for applications in electronics, optoelectronics, and nonlinear optics devices. Dr. Foadin’s contributions extend to diverse areas such as graphene oxide nanosheets, carbon nanocones, and corannulene derivatives, showcasing his versatility and expertise in advancing understanding and utilization of novel materials.


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