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Prof Dr. Vladimir Filinov | Astronomy Award | Innovation Pioneer Academic Award

Vladimir Filinov 🌟 is a distinguished Principle Scientist and Professor at the Institute of High Energy Density, Russian Academy of Science. With a Ph.D. in both Mathematics and Physics, his expertise spans computational methods, quantum mechanics, and dense plasma physics. He’s authored numerous papers and books, including “Quantum Statistics of Dense Gases and Nonideal Plasmas.” Filinov has received international recognition, being featured in prestigious biographical publications and receiving grants and awards for his groundbreaking research. As a visiting professor worldwide, he continues to contribute significantly to the field, earning him respect as a leading figure in theoretical physics.


Publication Profile


Vladimir Filinov pursued an illustrious academic journey, commencing with a Master’s degree in Physics with a specialization in Optics from Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1967. His quest for knowledge led him to Moscow State University, where he attained another Master’s degree, this time in Mathematics, in 1970. Subsequently, in 1974, Filinov earned his Ph.D. from the Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences, delving into computer methods applied to the thermophysics of dense plasma. In 2006, he achieved the pinnacle of academic recognition, obtaining a Doctorate in Physical and Mathematical Sciences from the same institute, focusing on correlation effects in strongly coupled Coulomb systems.

Research Focus

Vladimir Filinov’s pioneering research revolves around quantum statistical mechanics and plasma physics. His work spans investigations of phase transitions using Monte Carlo methods to calculations of Feynman integrals in nuclear physics. Filinov’s contributions extend to thermodynamics simulations of hot dense plasmas and classical and quantum Coulomb crystals. He delves into the theory and simulation of strong correlations in quantum Coulomb systems, crystallization phenomena, and phase transitions in hydrogen plasma. With a focus on quantum dynamics and Wigner representation, Filinov’s research enriches our understanding of complex quantum systems and their applications in various physical phenomena. 🌌


Vladimir Filinov | Astronomy Award | Innovation Pioneer Academic Award

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