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Dr. Amr Elhamrawy | Anesthesiology Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Amr Elhamrawy, Nationwide children’s Hospital, United States

Dr. Amr Elhamrawy is a dedicated Anesthesia Resident at Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Hospital, USA. With a passion for pediatric care, he completed fellowships in Quality Improvement and Advanced Pediatric Regional Anesthesia at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. His expertise spans from anesthesia techniques to research, notably focusing on pediatric anesthesia and pain management. Dr. Elhamrawy actively contributes to medical literature with publications and presentations, advocating for patient safety and education. Outside medicine, he enjoys traveling, biking, and indulging in traditional Arabic music. 🩺📚✈️


Publication Profile



Professional Background 🩺

Amr Saad Abdelkarim Elhamrawy is an Anesthesia Resident at Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He holds a diverse array of post-graduate training, including a Quality Improvement fellowship and an Advanced Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Fellowship at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Prior to his current position, he served as an Anesthesia Attending in Egypt and completed his medical education at Alexandria University, earning his MD equivalent degree with honors.

Academic Achievements 📚

Dr. Elhamrawy’s academic journey includes pursuing a PhD in Anesthesia and Surgical ICU, where his research focused on optimizing pain management strategies for surgical patients. He has contributed significantly to medical literature with publications in esteemed journals and presentations at national and international conferences.

Research Focus

Dr. Amr Elhamrawy’s research focus primarily revolves around pediatric anesthesia and pain management, with a keen interest in optimizing perioperative care to enhance patient outcomes. Through his publications and contributions to medical literature, he has addressed critical topics such as the management of epidural abscess complications, anesthetic strategies for complex pediatric surgeries like exploratory laparotomies, and intraoperative care to mitigate risks like serotonin syndrome in vulnerable populations. His work reflects a commitment to advancing knowledge and practices in anesthesia, ensuring safer and more effective care for pediatric patients undergoing surgical procedures. 📚🩺


Amr Elhamrawy | Anesthesiology Award | Best Researcher Award

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