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Mr. Wilber Wambi | Plant Breeding Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Wilber Wambi, National Agricultural Research Organization, Uganda, Uganda

Wilber Wambi, a dedicated Research Officer-Maize Breeder/Crop Modeler at Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Organization, blends expertise in climate-smart agriculture and biodiversity conservation. With a PhD from Haramaya University and an MSc from Makerere University, his work focuses on enhancing crop resilience and combating pests like fall armyworm. Wambi’s research spans genetic improvement of maize and finger millet, evident in his numerous publications. He’s actively engaged in projects like AATF TAAT Maize Compact, aiming to empower farmers with sustainable management techniques. 🌾🔬 Passionate about bridging science and agriculture, Wambi contributes significantly to Uganda’s agricultural advancement.


Publication Profile

Academic qualifications

Wilber Wambi embarked on a scholarly journey dedicated to agricultural sustainability. He pursued a PhD fellowship in Climate Smart-Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation at Haramaya University, Ethiopia, delving deep into innovative approaches to mitigate climate impact on agriculture. Prior to this, Wambi earned an MSc in Crop Science from Makerere University, Uganda, honing his expertise in crop management and improvement strategies. 🎓🌱 His academic qualifications equip him with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the challenges of modern agriculture while promoting environmental conservation and resilience.


Research Focus

Wilber Wambi’s research spans across various domains within agriculture and biodiversity conservation. 🌱 His work delves into climate-smart agriculture, focusing on the genetic improvement of crops like maize and finger millet to enhance their resilience to environmental stressors. Additionally, he investigates the impacts of climate change on food systems, aiming to identify challenges and opportunities for sustainable agricultural practices. Wambi’s contributions extend to studying the genetic variability of crops such as Valencia groundnuts, addressing issues like late leaf spot resistance. Overall, his research endeavors aim to advance agricultural practices that promote food security and biodiversity conservation in the face of climate change. 🌾



Wilber Wambi | Plant Breeding Award | Best Researcher Award

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