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Prof. Heon Lee | Meta Materials Award | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Heon Lee, Korea University, South Korea

Heon Lee, PhD, is a distinguished Professor at Korea University πŸŽ“. With a rich background in Materials Science and Engineering, he heads the Nano Materials and Device Laboratory πŸ§ͺ. He’s the founder of ZERC Co. Ltd. 🏒 and has made significant contributions to fields like Phase Change RAM reliability, Nanoimprint Lithography, and Meta-materials. With over 350 SCI papers and 80 US/EU patents, his expertise spans nano-patterning, semiconductor devices, and radiative cooling 🌑️. Dr. Lee’s impact is evident with an H Index of 48 and over 8,000 citations πŸ“ˆ.


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Heon Lee embarked on his academic journey at Seoul National University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering πŸŽ“. His quest for knowledge led him to Stanford University, where he delved deeper into Materials Science and Engineering, culminating in a Ph.D. πŸ“š. This academic odyssey equipped him with a solid foundation in metallurgy and materials, paving the way for his illustrious career in research and academia. With each step of his education, Dr. Lee honed his expertise and passion for advancing the frontiers of science and technology πŸ”¬.


Research Focus

Heon Lee’s research focus encompasses a diverse array of cutting-edge topics in materials science and engineering, marked by a particular emphasis on nanotechnology and photonics 🌟. From pioneering advancements in phase-change memory devices to exploring the realms of radiative cooling and meta-materials, his contributions have significantly impacted various fields. Dr. Lee’s work extends to nanoimprint lithography, photonic devices, and solar cell fabrication, showcasing his versatility and innovation in addressing contemporary challenges. Through his relentless pursuit of knowledge and exploration of emerging technologies, he continues to shape the landscape of scientific inquiry with his pioneering spirit and dedication to excellence πŸ”¬.


Heon Lee | Meta Materials Award | Best Researcher Award

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