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Assist Prof Dr. Maryam Hoseini Abardeh| Medical Education | Best Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr. Maryam Hoseini Abardeh, National Agency for Strategic Research in Medical Sciences Education, Iran

Dr. Maryam Hoseini Abardeh is an esteemed Assistant Professor at the National Agency for Strategic Research in Medical Sciences Education in Iran. With a profound dedication to advancing medical education, Dr. Abardeh has demonstrated exceptional expertise in her field. Her research focuses on innovative approaches to medical pedagogy, curriculum development, and the integration of technology in medical education. She holds a distinguished record of publications and presentations, contributing significantly to the academic discourse in medical education. Dr. Abardeh’s commitment to excellence in teaching and research continues to shape the future of medical education in Iran and beyond.

Publication Profile :

PhD in Medical Education, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (2013-2019)M.Sc in Medical Education, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (2008-2011)B.Sc in Radiology Technologist, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran (2005-2007)Associate degree, Birjand University of Medical Sciences, Birjand, Iran (2001-2003)High School Diploma in Experimental Sciences, Farhangiayan, Mashhad, Iran
Work Experience:

Leading and managing a team of researchers and analysts.Overseeing and managing research projects.Planning, coordinating, and executing research projects.Identifying research needs, setting priorities, and allocating resources.Designing research studies and selecting appropriate methodologies.Ensuring the quality of research outputs.Fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment.Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.Managing research budgets efficiently.Identifying advancements in research methodologies and technologies.Writing research reports.

  • PhD Thesis: Explication of the concept of clinical reasoning and verifying the model of clinical reasoning in internal medicine specialists.
  • Master Thesis: The effect of critical thinking skills workshop on clinical faculty members’ knowledge, attitudes, and skills.
  • National Projects:Comprehensive model of competency-based faculty development and promotion in Universities of Medical Sciences.Arrangement, guidance, and monitoring the achievement of scientific hegemony in Iran medical sciences.Design and implementation of a comprehensive integrated ranking in education and health for Medical Sciences Universities of Iran.Assessment of research doctorate programs and providing policy solutions.


Curriculum development,Educational leadership,Clinical reasoning,Critical thinking,Teaching and learnin,Educational technology,Qualitative Methods,Quantitative Methods,Mix Methods,Critical ReviewI,ntegrative Review,Systematic Review,Quasi Experimental Methods,Discourse Analysis,Concept Analysis


Publication Top Notes :
  • Foroughi, Z., Abardeh, M. H., Yazdani, S., & Soleimanpour, S. (2024). Roles and competencies of medical faculty members: A competency framework. Medical Teacher.
  • Yazdani, S., & Abardeh, M. H. (2020). A novel model of clinical reasoning: Cognitive zipper model. Journal of Advances in Medical Education & Professionalism, 8(2), 61.
  • Yazdani, S., & Abardeh, M. H. (2019). Five decades of research and theorization on clinical reasoning: a critical review. Advances in Medical Education and Practice, 10, 703.
  • Yazdani, S., & Abardeh, M. H. (2017). Clinical reasoning in medicine: a concept analysis. J Med Educ, 16(3), 154-162.
  • Ahmady, S., Hosseini, M. A., Homam, S. M., Farajpour, A., Ghitaghi, M., & Hosseini-Abardeh, M. (2016). Challenges of Medical Education at Islamic Azad University Iran from Faculty Perspective: A Qualitative Content Analysis. Strides in Development of Medical Education, 13(2), 114-132.
Maryam Hoseini Abardeh| Medical Education | Best Researcher Award

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