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Mr. Morrison Hendrik Riwu Kore | Microfinance Award | Best Scholar Award

Mr. Morrison Hendrik Riwu Kore, University of Indonesia, Indonesia

👨‍💼 Morrison Hendrik Riwu Kore, an accomplished expert in microfinance, venture capital, and banking, holds a Doctorate in Strategic Management from the University of Indonesia. With extensive teaching and professional experience, including roles at PT. Permodalan Nasional Madani and VisionFund Indonesia, Morrison has been instrumental in pioneering microfinance initiatives, impacting millions of lives. His leadership, exemplified through various trainings and certifications, underscores his commitment to excellence in financial management and poverty alleviation. Morrison’s vast expertise continues to drive innovation and growth in the financial sector, making him a distinguished figure in the realm of economic empowerment. 🌟


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📚 Education

Morrison Hendrik Riwu Kore’s academic journey reflects his commitment to excellence in the field of economics and business. He earned a Doctorate in Strategic Management from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Indonesia, graduating Cum Laude and completing the program in record time, spanning from September 2020 to November 2023. Notably, his research contributions are recognized internationally with publications in prestigious journals such as the International Journal of Social Economics and the Strategic Change Journal, both indexed in SCOPUS Q2. Prior to his doctoral studies, Morrison obtained a Magister Management in Finance from PPM Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Economics in Accounting from the Faculty of Economics at the National Education University in Denpasar, Bali. 🎓✨


👨‍🏫 Teaching Experiences

Morrison Hendrik Riwu Kore’s passion for sharing knowledge is reflected in his extensive teaching engagements across various institutions. From 1992 to 1994, he served as an educator at the Bank Rakyat Indonesia Training Center in Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, nurturing future professionals in the banking sector. Later, Morrison contributed to academia at Maluku Christian University and Patimura University in Ambon from 1997 to 1999, enriching students’ learning experiences. In 2017, he further expanded his teaching portfolio as a Visiting Lecturer in the Magister Management Program at the University of Indonesia, fostering a new generation of business leaders. 📚✨


💼 Professional Experiences

Morrison Hendrik Riwu Kore boasts a rich tapestry of professional engagements, showcasing his expertise in microfinance, venture capital, and banking. Since November 2020, he has been an independent consultant, lending his insights to various microfinance institutions. Notably, from September 2015 to October 2020, Morrison held multiple roles at PT. Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero), including Executive Vice President, where he spearheaded business capacity development initiatives and provided strategic advisory for the pioneering PNM Mekaar program, catering to millions of impoverished women. His extensive career also includes pivotal positions at Opportunity International Australia, VisionFund Indonesia, and various ventures under the Bahana Group, along with notable contributions at Bank Rakyat Indonesia and other esteemed organizations. 🌟📈


Research Focus

🔍 Morrison Hendrik Riwu Kore’s research focus lies at the intersection of entrepreneurial orientation and social performance within microfinance institutions in Indonesia. With a keen eye on strategic alliances, he delves into the dynamics shaping these institutions’ ability to alleviate poverty while fostering sustainable development. Through his scholarly contributions, Morrison sheds light on the intricate balance between entrepreneurial drive and social impact, offering insights crucial for enhancing the effectiveness of microfinance initiatives. His work underscores the importance of strategic decision-making and collaboration in advancing the welfare of marginalized communities, marking him as a thought leader in the field. 🌱💡





Morrison Hendrik Riwu Kore | Microfinance Award | Best Scholar Award

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