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Dr. Ziyi Gao | Marketing | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Ziyi Gao, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, China

Dr. Ziyi Gao is a lecturer at Yunnan University of Finance And Economics in Kunming, China 🇨🇳. Holding a position in the School of Overseas Education since September 2023, Dr. Gao contributes to shaping the academic journey of students. With a focus on enhancing academic performance, Dr. Gao has published research articles exploring topics such as the use of generative AI in education and the impact of travel apps on tourist behavior. Their work reflects a dedication to understanding and improving educational practices and the tourism industry. Dr. Gao collaborates with fellow researchers to investigate the drivers of various phenomena, including self-determination in learning and user experience in tourism. Through their contributions to scholarly journals, Dr. Gao shares insights and findings that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their field. With a commitment to both teaching and research, Dr. Gao plays a vital role in shaping the academic and professional development of students and contributing to the wider body of knowledge in their field.

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Dr. Ziyi Gao has been serving as a Lecturer at Yunnan University of Finance And Economics in Kunming, China, since September 2023 🏫. Specifically, Dr. Gao is affiliated with the School of Overseas Education, where they contribute to the academic development of students. Their role involves delivering lectures, guiding students, and facilitating learning experiences. Yunnan University of Finance And Economics, a prominent institution in the region, provides a dynamic environment for both teaching and research. Through their position, Dr. Gao actively engages with students and contributes to the university’s mission of fostering academic excellence and global awareness.

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Dr. Ziyi Gao’s research focus encompasses two main areas: the intersection of technology and tourism, and educational methodologies enhanced by artificial intelligence 📱. Through their studies, Dr. Gao investigates the impact of travel apps on tourist behavior, exploring how these applications can influence intentions and user experiences. Additionally, they delve into the use of generative AI to enhance academic performance, particularly in business education, employing an interactive-constructive-active-passive (ICAP) self-determination perspective. By exploring these topics, Dr. Gao contributes to a deeper understanding of the role of technology in shaping both the tourism industry and educational practices, paving the way for innovative advancements in these fields.

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Ziyi Gao| Marketing | Best Researcher Award

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