Resanti lestari | SMES Award | Best Researcher Award

Mrs. Resanti lestari | SMES Award | Best Researcher Award

Mrs. Resanti lestari, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Ekuitas, Indonesia

Dr. Resanti Lestari, an accomplished educator and researcher, holds a Ph.D. in Education from Padjadjaran University. 🎓 With extensive experience in academia, she has authored numerous publications on marketing and Islamic banking. 📚 Her passion for community service is evident through her various initiatives, empowering entrepreneurs and enhancing health services. 💼 Dr. Lestari’s accolades include Best Lecturer awards and recognition for her research contributions. As a member of professional organizations, she actively engages in scholarly activities and collaborations. 🌟 Committed to advancing knowledge, Dr. Lestari continues to inspire both in and beyond the academic realm.


Publication Profile

📚 Education

Dr. Resanti Lestari’s educational odyssey reflects a commitment to learning and personal development. Beginning at SDN Sawojajar 2 Malang for elementary schooling, she laid the foundation for her academic endeavors from 1989 to 1995. Progressing to SMPN 5 Malang for junior high school and SMUN 4 Malang for high school, she honed her skills and knowledge, graduating in 1998 and 2001, respectively. Subsequently, she pursued higher education at Indonesian Education University, attaining her S-1 and S-2 degrees between 2001 and 2009. Her academic pinnacle was reached at Padjadjaran University, where she completed her S-3 in 2016, marking a significant milestone in her scholarly journey. 🎓


Professional Experience 

Dr. Resanti Lestari’s professional voyage embodies a dedication to education and empowerment. Commencing as a lecturer at Piksi Ganesha Bandung Polytechnic, she assumed pivotal roles such as PUDIR 1 General Affairs and Personnel. Throughout 2006-2008 and later from 2013-2018, she spearheaded the AKE Department, fostering academic excellence. Transitioning to Merdeka University, Malang, she currently serves as the International Class Coordinator, fostering global learning experiences. Her commitment extends beyond academia, as evidenced by her tenure as Women’s Empowerment Coordinator at IDRI and Deputy Head of Training at the Abisatya Foundation. Dr. Lestari’s stint as a Visiting Researcher at the National Innovation Research Agency further enriches her diverse professional portfolio. 🌟


Awards and Honors  

Dr. Resanti Lestari’s illustrious career is punctuated by prestigious accolades, underscoring her exceptional contributions to academia. Honored as the Best Lecturer in AKE and KAT Departments by PPG Bandung and APTISI Region IVA-West Java in 2013/2014, she exemplifies pedagogical prowess. Her scholarly endeavors were recognized with the Best Research Paper Award in Business by the Asia Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators in 2016, a testament to her impactful research. Additionally, her adept presentation skills garnered acclaim, earning her the Best Presentation accolade at the Emerging Trends in Academic Research (ETAR 2017) conferred by the ETAR Committee & Global Illuminators. 🌟


Research Focus

🔍 Dr. Resanti Lestari’s research encompasses a diverse array of topics, reflecting her multifaceted interests and expertise. Her scholarly pursuits primarily revolve around the domains of business management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and education. With a focus on areas such as integrated marketing communication, corporate image building, quality management, and the impact of training on organizational performance, she contributes significantly to enhancing our understanding of these critical areas in academia and industry. Through her extensive body of work, Dr. Lestari continues to shed light on innovative strategies and practices conducive to organizational success and societal advancement. 📊✨



Introduction of Business

Business research is the driving force behind informed decision-making in the corporate world. It encompasses an array of methodologies and disciplines that aim to understand and improve various aspects of business operations. This field is not only about financial analysis and market trends; it also explores the intricacies of leadership, management, and organizational behavior, fostering innovation and growth.

Market Research:

This subfield focuses on understanding customer behavior, market trends, and competitive dynamics. Researchers delve into consumer preferences, buying patterns, and emerging market opportunities to help businesses make informed decisions.

Organizational Behavior:

The study of how individuals and groups function within organizations is crucial for optimizing efficiency and employee satisfaction. Researchers investigate topics such as leadership styles, motivation, and teamwork dynamics.

Strategic Management:

Business research in strategic management delves into the long-term planning and decision-making processes that guide an organization. This subfield explores competitive analysis, resource allocation, and the development of sustainable business strategies.

Finance and Investment:

Research in this area focuses on financial markets, investment strategies, and the allocation of capital. It is essential for understanding risk and return, managing corporate finances, and making sound investment decisions.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

The study of innovation and entrepreneurship explores how new businesses are created, and how existing organizations foster innovation. Researchers investigate the development of new products, technologies, and business models to drive economic growth.

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